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About Us

Techno Group Egypt for translation and localization services is an Egyptian company specialized in translation, interpreting, website localization, content writing services, proofreading, editing services, typesetting services, desktop publishing services, and localization services founded in 2008 with its native translators located in over 60 countries around the world who work around the clock and frequently translate all types of documents in all major languages.

We understand that a good translation with industrial, cultural and professional backgrounds of the language pairs is the key to the success and we are committed to fulfill all the needs and the expectations of all our customers and clients regarding all translation documents, texts and subject-matters.

We have been offering highly appreciated translations services to individuals, companies, agencies, organizations and institutions across the world in all domains of translation fields and into all major language pairs, and also, we have impressive linguistic skills with key roles in complex, important projects, and subject-matters regarding all translation services.

We give a great attention and importance to our clients' requests, and also we take care only about our accuracy and quality of the works we are doing, therefore; our services are punctual, never delaying, very accurate, precise, with genuine in respect to the source and on time.