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Techno Group Egypt Co. for translation and localization services is your premier partner for certified translation, proofreading, writing, editing and desktop publishing (DTP) services, we, also, provide your company with the highest quality and accuracy regarding all our services by using excellent native, talented translators and proofreaders to satisfy your company's needs, and we have a proficient knowledge of all translation, localization, editing, writing, desktop publishing (DTP) services and in addition to this we have been working for the past ten (10) years and during these years we have acquired much experience in various fields.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in all translation fields regarding different types of texts, such as but not limited to the following: user guides, collectable part-works, website translation, brochures, catalogues, tourist guides, medical, pharmaceutical texts, marketing researches, journalism, education, communication, applied science, technology, patents, economics, financial, press-releases, technical fields, juridical texts, documents related to accounting, oilfield, natural gas fields, social sciences, courts of law, notaries, contracts, financial statements, annual reports, audit reports, lawsuit-related documents, communications, memorandums of associations, minutes of meetings, accounting procedures, rules, business-related documents, articles and much more.

We have been working with national and international companies, therefore; our main target is to achieve excellent quality and provide all translation services at competitive prices, so; our main priorities is to deliver all translation projects on time and we are committed to make sure that all our clients receive the best results regarding all our translation services.

We can translate all your translation documents into all living languages to make all of them accessible for all users, and at the same time we use only professional, human translators and proofreaders to make your documents look natural for the foreign users. If you need cost-efficient translation services, look no further, we are here to be your premier partner for all translation services.

If you are looking for a reliable translation services company that uses the latest technologies, then we are here to help you in all types of translation projects.